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Biodivervity in Bulgaria :: BD and tourism

In Bulgaria the concern for the preservation of natural and cultural heritage and the national customs and traditions from the one hand, and from the other- the aim to develop the local communities and tourism, resulted in the elaboration of “National Ecotourism Strategy and Action Plan”.

The definition upon which the ministries of environment and water; economy; and agriculture as the main initiators of Strategy elaboration, agreed states: “ecotourism is travel to relatively undamaged natural areas, aimed at providing visitors with opportunities to view and enjoy nature and all accompanying cultural attractions, while at the same time encouraging their preservation and allowing the lowest possible impact. Ecotourism is also a form of small and medium enterprise development, which ensures the social and economic vitality of the local population, and the just allocation of responsibilities and benefits. Ecotourism comprises important elements of nature protection, conservation education, interpretation of the natural and cultural heritage, and it complies with all forms of sustainable tourism.”

Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT)

The Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT)  was established on January 31, 1998 and is a national tourist non-governmental organization. At present BAAT has 58 members: non-governmental organizations and regional associations in the field of tourism, local tourist councils, tour operating companies, companies that produce traditional Bulgarian products, nature parks, hotel owners, guesthouses, editors, transportation providers, monasteries, and individuals. The Association is a member of the National Tourism council and the Council for training in tourism.

PHARE BG0202.02 Project "Development of the Bulgarian Ecotourism"

The deadline for applying with project proposals for “Development of the Bulgarian ecotourism" project was on {C}13 September 2004. “Development of the Bulgarian ecotourism" project has been approved for funding in the framework of EC PHARE Program. It is part of PHARE priority “Economic and Social Cohesion". “Development of the Bulgarian Ecotourism" project aims at sustainable development of the tourism sector through supporting projects for improvement of the state and municipal ecotourism infrastructure.

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Additional information on biodiversity resources and their sustainable use is provided by

Biodiversity and Business Information Node .

Elaboration of National Ecotourism Strategy and Action Plan

A special web site provides information about the ecotourism in Bulgaria. The information published includes:

  • National Ecotourism Strategy and Action Plan for Bulgaria

  • Action Plans for Bulgarian Ecotourism Destinations (the country has been divided into 12 ecotourism destinations: Danube River Wetlands; Vrachanski Balkan and Western Balkans; Central Balkans- North; Central Balkans- Sough; Eastern Balkans; Northern Black Sea and Dobrudja; Western Border; Vitosha and Northern Rila; Strandja and Southern Black sea; Eastern Rhodopes; Western Rhodopes; South- West); 

  • Tourism organizations;

  • Tourism information and education centers in Bulgaria;   

  • Fora and background materials;

  • Training and education;

  • Ecotourism certification;

  • Funding and investment, useful links;

  • Media, contact information, fairs and ecotourism awards.

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