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Biodivervity in Bulgaria :: Protected species


Protection of threatened species animals and plants exists for centuries. In the past it has been imposed mostly because of their economic values, while recently –considering also the contemporary concepts in nature conservation. Legislative tools for this focus on controlling use, possessing, hunting and fishing, trade, etc., using absolute restrictions, quotas, seasons or other tools and instruments.



Species conservation in Bulgaria is regulated by the Hunting Act (2000), the Medicinal Plants Act (2000), the Fisheries and Aquacultures Act (2001) and above all by the Biodiversity Act (2002).


National Nature Protection Service under the Ministry of Environment and Water
Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds

Full list of the bird species in Bulgaria with their status in Bulgaria and conservation status (follow the path: Activities>> Species Conservation>> Status of Birds in Bulgaria)

Conservation of Tortoises in Bulgaria


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